Laundry Ferryman, Dunwich


A balding man with very rough pale skin, he has an overly large frame of which is also packed with an overly large gut and also has two overly large bulbous eyes that each do not look in the same direction. His bottom lip protrudes a good few centimetres from his top one and his nose is flattened against his face like he had been hit over the face with a large plank of wood.
A man of few spoken words is Bob, often replying with mono-syllables. He prefers to spend most of his time out at sea and is one of Dunwich’s resident fishermen, and quite a good one he is too.
He moonlights for the Laundry as a Ferryman to their Training Facility in Dunwich bringing in new recruits for their orientation or to ferry other Laundry Officials that have a training session to complete.
He is also one of the few residents of Dunwich that actually leave the village to stock up on supplies.



The Laundry Smonkey