Proprietor of The Dog And Whistle, Dunwich


George was a new recruit at the Laundry and during his Orientation he came to enjoy the company of the locales in Dunwich and so decided to take up residence there as proprietor of the Dog and Whistle after the previous landlord did a runner.
George is a short man of about 5ft but that is only because of his permanent slouch. So much so that his rear back is almost in line with the top of his ears. He has a short matted black hair, a pale complexion (which is not unlike the other residents of Dunwich) and he has large blue eyes with very small pupils that some find it difficult to maintain eye contact when talking to him.
He is rarely seen outside the vicinity of Dunwich and has made very good friends with the local residents and frequently accompanies Bob on his fishing trips.
Although no longer employed by the Laundry, he does help them out where he can, usually with a good beverage of the lager of his own making called “The Dunwich Hurrah”.



The Laundry Smonkey